Monday, September 12, 2016

Keep this in mind (from Gorillas T)

For 40 straight sessions (July 13th-September 8th), the S&P 500 traded within a 
2% range (2147-2193), within just 1% of an all-time high! It was the major 
index's tightest trading range in 50 years! The last time the stock market 
approached such a narrow range was 1995, and it resulted in one of the most 
explosive stock market rallies in history; the S&P rose from 460 to 1,280 
between 1995-1999; a 180% gain in just four years! However, each time there has 
been such a range-bound market of this magnitude, there was a break lower JUST 
BEFORE ITS HUGE UPWARD MOVE. Friday may have begun this "pullback before the 
explosive rally." 

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