Friday, March 2, 2012

Fusion-io, Inc. Common Stock (FIO) -NYSE

Fusion-io does for data storage what former stock-market favorite VMware (VMW) does for computer servers. WMware revolutionazed data centers using virtualization software that effectively duplicates the functions of the computers without adding more physical servers to data systems. Fusion-io (FIO) is having a similar impact on storage, replacing traditional products dependent on disk technology with next generation storage products based on digital memory. If for example, thousand of customers want to simultaneously stream a version of the "True Grit" and the movie is stored on disks you'd need multiple copies of the disk to meet the demand of Jeff Bridges fans. Fusion-io can help stream the show without multiple disks more quickly and efficently. Customers already included "Facebook and Apple"; hedge funds also have used it to recognize real-time trading patterns.
Shares of Fusion-io, wich went public las June, closed at u$s22,50 on their first day of trading. And after an impressive ascent, they plunged to u$s15 in September before recovering to about u$s32 to friday March the 2nd.
Fusion-io could became a u$s1 billion market cap in one year. Fiscal year 2011 revenue was about u$s200 billion. "If the execute, it could happen very quickly. The shares can double to around u$s52 over 12 months.
Also, like VMware, Fusion-io has a kicker "It's a possible takeover target target. And the biggest name in storage happens to be  EMC (EMC) wich bought VMware for about u$s625 millon.

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